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We are registered providers of Panasonic ® equipment, here you can find qualified personnel for old and new PBX's.

Nuestra filosofía no es venderle un producto es venderle un servicio integral, contamos con personal que lo ayudará a diseñar la configuración de equipo que mejor se adapte a sus necesidades presentes y futuras.

Available equipment:

  •  Analog PBX.
  •  Hybrid PBX.
  •  Analog and digital telephone sets.
  •  Wireless analog and digital telephone sets.
  •  Power supply equipment (UPS).
  •  Telephone line protection (Against Lightning).

Available Services:

  •  Installations Design.
  •  Equipment Installation.
  •  Cabling.
  •  Equipment Setup.
  •  Maintenance.
  •  Systems Upgrade, Modifications and Growth.


  •  Telephone line protection is made with fuses, although physical different from the regular electrical ones, the main function is the same to blow up and protect the expensive equipment (And keep you communicated).
  •  A PBX is very sensitive to voltaje changes, so it is recommended to install voltage regulators.
  •  No electrical power, no communications, better install a battery backup.
  •  Una extensión tipo multilínea permite efectuar varias llamadas a la vez y juntarlas en conferencia.
  •  Beside the amount of extensions installed, the maximum external calls at the same time depends on how many lines are connected to the PBX.
  •  Using the PBX it is possible to answer the front door interphone and even release the electromagnetic lock.


digital wireless      KX-TD7690 Intercom wall plate KX-TDA600 PBX

Those are just some of the Available Models

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+52 (55) 52-34-61-36
+52 (55) 55-78-47-48
Otomíes 38, Col. Obrera México DF 06800 México
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