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At Datagard we don't just sell computer and communications equipment; we work together with the customer designing the better solutions for their needs and budget; delivering top brand equipment.

Available equipment:

  •  Network active elements like Hubs, Switches, Routers.
  •  Open racks and close cabinets in different sizes.
  •  Firewalls.
  •  Access points for wireless networks.
  •  Network interface cards for cable and wireless networks.
  Patch Panels Racks & Cabinets Switches, Hubs & Routers

  Access Point para Redes Locales Firewalls Wireless Network Cards

Available services:

  •  Data Center Installation Design.
  •  Corporate Network Design and update.
  •  Cabling with UTP Cat 5e, Cat 6 and Optic Fiber.
  •  Integrated Projects for Installation Certification.
  •  VPN Setup.

Interesting Tips:

  •  New Certification Rules for UTP Cat 6 void the use of punch tools for cabling, because the jacks could be damaged.
  •  Certification limits the total length of a cable to 100 meters (305 ft.); so in between the patch panel and the wall jack it should be just 90 meters (275 ft.); and thus avoid the excess when applying the patch cord for the switch and terminal.
  •  Data Cable should not be inside the same pipe or conduct of the power lines.

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