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A Disaster strikes unexpected and most of time affect the operation and economic stability of a Company.

Is your Company Ready to Face in an Organized Manner a Disaster?

Do you know your Loss due to an Interruption?

Disasters can be Natural or Manmade, and although we know that some are unavoidable there is a lot a company can do to minimize the disaster impact to the critical business functions and the economy of the company.

At Datagard you'll find a wide variety of services to help your company in the activity of reduce exposition to loss and reduce the time and opportunity of Business Recovey.

Below you will see in detail how Datagard is able to help in Contingency Planning issues:

Key Advantages of having a Contingency Plan:

  •  To Face organized a Company Contingency.
  •  To Generate a Security Conscience in your Personnel.
  •  To Know which are the Critical Company Applications.
  •  Realize the Company Critical Business Functions.

Available Services:

Available Products:

Services & Products Detail:    

For simplicity means we have grouped our products and services in three classes: Logistics includes all the themes related to Analysis (AIA, BIA and Risk Assessment); Hot Sites for alternate spaces required for equipment and office functions; and last but not least additional services like remote file storage and containers for the magnetic media transport.


The International Standards at Certification Institutions like the Disaster Recovery Institute of USA and The Business Continuity Institute from UK, establish the necessity of conduct an Impact Analysis before the development of a Contingency Plan, no matter the scope of the Plan itself, the main objective is having a tool for:

  •  Have a current "Picture" of the real situation.

  •  Evaluate the critical system applications or business units.

  •  Realize the cost of a solution.

  •  To know the minimal amount of critical elements needed to continue function operation of the designated area or the chosen applications, which is known as Minimal Acceptable Recovey Configuration.

  •  Define the Recovery Teams to act in a Disaster situation.

  •  Evaluate which employees will build the Recovery Teams.

  •  Realize the actual level of Information Protection and External Vaulting.

Your Business Continuity is Our Business.


  •  In order to succeed in the Plan development and implementation the necessity of the Top Level Executives Support and the Involved Personnel Compromise are a must.

  •  Six months later of the Plan implementation it could be obsolete due to changes in applications or business process and missed to reflect those changes in the Plan strategy or Procedures. Regular and Adequate Maintenance is a Must.

  •  One of the Plan issues which change frequently is personnel, it could be due to relocation, different function assignment or leaving the company.

  •  A normal mistake is missing to notify a new employee that additional to the position functions there are some responsibilities related to Contingency activities.

  •  As with anything, the skills to act according to the necessity facing a Disaster are acquired through the practice, so it is highly recommended Testing Twice a year the Contingency Plan.

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