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Do you Know the Safety Level of your Company?

Nowadays companies face a wide variety of threats, some of them could be physical and others intangibles.

Some examples of physical threats are:

  •  Robbery and/or assault to the facilities, it doesn't matter the day or the time.

  •  Employees performing small continuous robbery.

  •  Dishonest or wrong cash use at cashier.

  •  Kidnap threat to key executives.

  •  A power supply with bad quality or frequent outages, which could affect your Company operation or damage your equipment.

  •  Companies and Facilities around your business locations with risk activities able to jeopardize your operation.

  •  Risk to an attack due to the amount of cash in place or the value of products.

  •  Inadequate manage and disposal of debris, trash or Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT).

  •  Not Compliance to the Federal or Local Regulations related to Emergencies like Fire control, Emergency Signals, Emergency Exits, etc.

Some examples of intangible origen threats are:

  •  Hackers attack to the IT infrastructure.

  •  Data loss or corrupted because of Virus and internal propagation.

  •  Dishonest Employees gathering Vital Information.

  •  A wrong Critical Data Backup schema.

Below you will see in detail how Datagard is able to help in Corporate Security issues:

Key advantages of performing a Risk Assessment:

  •  To know the Current Exposition Level of your Company.
  •  To have a "Cost - Benefit" analysis of the available mitigation solutions.
  •  To generate a "Security Culture" at your Company that will be transferred to your employees families.
  •  To realize the possible risks existing close or around your Company.
  •  To realize the Alert Level of your employees and the Security Guards.

Available Services:

  •  Perimetral Risk Assessment.
  •  IT Security Assessment.
  •  Electrical Power supply security and quality evaluation.
  •  Validation of Security Policies and Procedures Compliance.
  •  Assessment of Emergency Procedures according to Federal or Local Authorities Statements.
  •  Full Risk Assessment.
  •  Development of Security Procedures.
  •  Development of Security Policies.
  •  Implementation of Emergency Plans.


  •  A dishonest or unhappy employee could be a great threat and also one of the most common to happen.

  •  Most of the people don't value the damage scope in the information due a Virus Attack.

  •  Insurance companies pay for facilities and objects damaged, but never pay neither recover Data or Documents, How long would it take to recover your Master Files? How could it affect your economy?

  •  Think about your Image Damage with your Customers or prospects due to a wrong managed Security Incident, and the cost of it.

  •  A life is non Recoverable.

  •  Do not waste time writing a Policy if you would not apply it.

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